How does Help-U-Sell Real Estate work?

Help-U-Sell® Real Estate Brokers and agents are fully licensed professionals, members of the local, state, and national boards. We also work with both buyers and sellers, and provide a full range of real estate services. Help-U-Sell® Real Estate differs from other brokers. Our brokers charge a set fee for their services, as opposed to the 6 percent commission. This helps you retain a greater amount of equity while still receiving all the real estate services you expect when hiring a professional. Due to our brokers and owners being in more control of marketing and service rather than our agents with ordinary brokerages. We get to help buyers and sellers along with our agents in a team setting.
We believe that the 6 percent commission is an outdated practice and has no correlation to the cost of performing a real estate transaction in today’s market. Our goal is to provide a fair price for the cost of services rendered, much like any other professional service that consumers would pay for.  We perform all the same services as ordinary brokerages and more. Contact us to find what the set fee for sellers is in North County San Diego and other markets.
Yes, Help-U-Sell Real Estate agents do everything ordinary agents do, and probably more. We just charge a low set fee. To us, full-service real estate includes the entire home selling process: pricing, staging, marketing, open houses, negotiations, and transaction coordination. The only difference is our fee structure. We will save you thousands without sacrificing any service you expect when hiring a professional.
Yes. All Help-U-Sell Brokers and Agents are fully licensed, members of their local MLS boards and associations, members of the State Association of Realtors®, and members of the National Association of Realtors®.
Yes. Help-U-Sell® Real Estate is a full-service real estate organization representing both buyers and sellers. We can help a buyer purchase any home for sale in the market. We take the time to learn what our buyers are looking for and represent their best interests throughout the home purchase process just as any other top broker would in their competitive market.
Years of experience have allowed us to refine the home selling and home buying process. Rather than mega offices, our franchises are streamlined operations with low overhead and a small team of specialized experts. Instead of recruiting and managing agents, we focus on promoting our clients’ listings and Help-U-Sell Real Estate’s unique business model. Not only does this result in cost economies but it also allows us to charge a fee directly related to the services provided.
No. Buyer brokers search many sources for their clients, and they understand the advantages of Help-U-Sell Real Estate. Our listings have been sold by every major real estate company and we have a long history of excellent relationships with our colleagues in the industry.
We’ve been saving sellers money since 1976, when Don Taylor founded Help-U-Sell Real Estate as a consumer-centric alternative to traditional real estate brokerages that charge a percentage rather than a set fee to sell a house.
Our listings are posted on our website and syndicated to the most popular real estate websites. These include, Zillow, Trulia, and 900+ other websitesdue to our powerful listing data syndication. We also utilize Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media platforms. At Help-U-Sell NCCV, we make a custom website for our client which includes: A custom website, still photography, Matterport3D virtual tour, a map, description, and video contact. Since all of our marketing is done in house by the broker and owner we can ensure all of our listings have the same quality. See example here:
Help-U-Sell is compliant with all fair housing laws. Equal Housing Opportunity.
We are all Realtors in good standing with local, state, and national boards.